Wedding Dress Cleaning Service

GLOBE Dry Cleaners & launderers have a big reputation as wedding dress and ball gown cleaning specialists throughout Northern Ireland. We specialise in cleaning and styling of wedding dresses including antique, contemporary, modern, originals and designer collections.

Crystal & Glass Beaded Dresses Special Care - Crystal & glass Beaded dresses are the hardest to clean. They are becoming more and more popular and more and more elaborate. We know and understand the problems that can arise from trying to clean crystal and glass beaded gowns. YOU MUST find a dry cleaner who is competent in wedding gowns with these trimmings. There is always a risk in dry cleaning what is essentially pieces of glass. They can break, they can cut threads and they can catch on chiffons, silks and organzas. A dry cleaner competent in glass trimming will have ways of protecting gowns from damage. Beads, Crystals & dangly bits are becoming more complex as the years go on. Your dry cleaner should have evolved methods of protecting your gown from the effects of open clasps and large shaped crystals. Even with the upmost care in the world they can still "escape" and your dry cleaner may ask you to sign owners risk. Beads can be lost or threads partially cut through in general wear.>

Our company cleans ten to twelve dresses a week and this has allowed us to become highly skilled in this area making it difficult for other companies to match. This means we have a thorough understanding of the effects of various solvents on different types of fabric, beading, sequins and trimmings. We have both Perchlorethylene and Hydrocarbon dry cleaning machines and this gives us full control over the processing of individual dresses.>

We offer customer to have their dress boxed in acid free tissue paper for posterity if they wish.

wedding dress cleaning service in Belfast

Why choose GLOBE Drycleaners & Launderers?

  • Fast, reliable and efficient.
  • We hand finish all wedding dresses.
  • Highest professional Dry Cleaning standards.
  • Eveningwear, sequinned and diamante, wedding dresses and ball gowns.
  • We have both Perchlorethylene and Hydrocarbon dry cleaning machines that have been specially adapted.
  • We individually examined, dry cleaned and hand-finish.
  • Competitive and affordable prices.


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