Leather and Suede Cleaning, Belfast

With our special Dry-cleaning, we provide a suede, sheepskin, and leather cleaning service for a wide range of garments and motor cycle leathers. Our experienced staffs are highly trained to produce exceptional results in processing suede, leather or sheepskin garments to as near an original condition as possible.

-Wear & Care- Suede and leather has unique properties, but it is not indestructible. Care during wear will help prolong its life and prolong its appearance. If your garment gets wet hang it to dry naturally. Avoid storing in plastic cover as condensation and mildew can result. Stains can sometimes be difficult to remove from suede and leather, while blotting with a towel to absorb a stain may help sponging with water will leave a darkened area and may cause the stain to go deeper into the skin. Stain removal chemicals should not be used, damage to the skin and colour is likely to occur. When you decide to have your garment cleaned your expectation may be that it will be like new and on most occasions that will be the case, but NOT always so. Most reputable cleaners will explain that a number of problems can arise that effects the finished result. These problems can be, Loss or Change in Colour, Shrinkage, Scars, Vein Marks, Wrinkles, Change of Texture and Handle, Discolouring by Adhesive, Fading and Oxidation.

Due to the complexity of the processes involved in leather cleaning, service times vary depending on the degree of soiling and staining, colour of your garment and whether any alterations or repairs are requested.

The cleaning of leather and suede is a craft practiced by skilled artisans. We defer to our own specialists who carefully grade and inspect each garment prior to cleaning. Unlike cleaning normal fabrics the cleaning of suede and leather requires extensive work post cleaning to restore the garment to it’s original condition. For example smooth leathers often require retexturing to achieve the same finish and Suede garments frequently require re-tinting to restore their near to original colour.

During cleaning the oils within suede and leather garments are removed. Part of the processing involves re-oiling the skin to keep it supple. During re-oiling the skin can become a few shades darker. For this reason you should always clean garments that are part of a set together.

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